Corporate Photography

AKSS Media Productions is mainly a video production company but we offer corporate photography. This helps bundle prices for video and photo services. It is better for you as the client to get the best rate. Our photographers are very experienced and work with high profile clients. AKSS's photography services are offered at a corporate event, corporate conferences, and we provide corporate headshots. Some of our unique perks are having photos ready the same day to put on social media. We are ready to give photos after the event is over. We can provide basic edits and full in detail edits if needed.

What Is Corporate Photography?

Explainer videos are used for marketing or sales purposes and highlights a company’s product, service, or business idea in a compelling and efficient way. Animated Explainer Videos are the most popular form of explainer videos as they are more fun and engaging to watch so viewers are more likely to sit through the entire video. They are also easier to digest because the information is more easily explained. But all that is only accurate when an animated explainer video is done right! Our team of animators and editors tackle this form of editing with ease. We see the vision of our clients and are able to exceed their expectations simply because we understand the importance of explaining content to others; the main point of the explainer video.

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