CDRS World – Google Ads

About Client

CDRS is a non-profit with a mission of improving the lives of impoverished and neglected human beings by providing quality healthcare, clean drinking water, and empowering youth and women through initiatives that focus on education, economic opportunity, and community service. They provide relief and logistics in disasters and support differently-abled persons and families in crisis

Details about the Project

The project that was assigned was of Facebook Ads and Google Ads optimization in order to generate positive ROAS for the client.
We researched the company, its products, and its competitors in order to understand better the market and keywords analysis for better campaign structuring and Funnel. The response we get from the market was wonderful.


  • Increase the brand awareness on facebook
  • Increase conversion rate on facebook channel
  • Bringing sales from facebook Ads, Google Ads


  • Advanced Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Funnel to cater with different stages of Customers
  • Extensive A/B Testing for creatives
  • Carousel Ads along with one image Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads


  • Acheived the target goals for Non-Grant Ad account
  • Met the target for donationsnth basis