Dekoracy – Facebook Ads, Social Media

About Client

From the year of establishment in 1974, Dekoracy.pk is providing committed bedding solutions to its worthy customers. Dekoracy.pk is a second-generation, family-owned bedding solution company for B2C as well as B2B customers. Bedding is an essential component of life. In a market where the bedding industry gets neglected, Dekoracy.pk is committed to providing high quality so that you can sleep and rest with the help of solution products established with the help of intensive R&D

Details about the Project

Clients want to generate sales of the e-commerce business with the help of the Facebook Paid Ads in their market. Target Audience for the Brand is the high-income people who prefer to live luxurious life.

Facebook Ads: Forms-based Ads, Conversion Ads along with the PPE worked well and generated the return for the Ads.


  • 5M+ Reach on Facebook
  • 08% lift in brand awareness
  • 850% lift in brand interest
  • Products sold: 0.1M+ units upto now.
  • ROAS: 5x on average
  • Total Audience: 45K