EClub Dubai – Facebook Ads

About Client

Eclub Dubai is one of the famous and renowned Ecommerce stores in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With the brand’s reputation in different products from electronics, shoes, watches, and other items, Eclub Dubai has an average ROAS of more than 7%. The company’s mission is to deliver a high-quality products to each of our clients. E-club Dubai is one of the prestigious e-commerce stores based in Dubai UAE. Our vision is to provide a high-quality products at affordable prices. They have served thousands of customers with our high-quality products.

Details about the Project

Based in the mid of the world’s leading business hub comes with the perks of working with great vendors and companies. The project that was assigned was of paid media Ads including Facebook Ads only.

The response we get from the market was awesome.

Facebook Ads: Messages-based Ads and Conversion Ads along with the PPE worked well and generated the return for the Ads.

Facebook Ads Account Overview Screenshot


  • Increase sales for the company
  • Improve the conversions rate for the sales


Products sold up to Now: 2M+ Units sold up to now

ROAS: 7x  (Best ROAS for the month of Dec 2019)

Total Audience: 100K

PS: Please note that the screenshot given above is only from one account.

For some privacy reasons, I wouldn’t be able to share more accounts.